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Odin Rune Tattoo Symbol - Odin was one of the primary gods of Norse mythology and principally a god of war. Slain warriors were permitted to join him in Valhalla, escorted by the Valkyrie, his maiden servants. However, there is no rune with the name of “Odin”. Instead, this is actually the OTHALA rune, which became associated with Odin. It has been adopted by neo-Nazis as a symbol of their cultural heritage and an attempt to connect themselves with ancient Norse mythology.

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[Previous pinner]: "This is super cool." Wolf sez: "the graphic depicts Odin, his wolves Geri and Freki, and the ravens Huginn and Muninn"

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Valknut (represents Nordic god Odin) he triple triangles of Mind, Body, and Spirit leads the Higher Self to Victory over Darkness. Next tattoo!

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ODIN'S EYE To comprehend the mystery of the runes, Odin brought himself in sacrifice, and nine days and nights hung on the trunk of Yggdrassil, nailed to it by his own spear Gungnir..

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Odin, raven, wolf <<huginn or munnin? And probably fenrir the wolf. Theres also Yggsdrasil and some classic symbols including Odins symbol

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Gungnir, Odi's spear. The Valknut, the symbol for creation, preservation, and destruction. Hugin, and Munin, Odin's Ravens... Surrounded by the runes, which Odin received by sacrificing himself to himself. Great Design!

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