Odor Eliminator: Even the cleanest home can smell a little from time to time. Eliminate house odors from previous owners, dust, pets, potent ethnic foods, or even rotten food. #defunkify #freshhouse #smellsclean #eliminateodor #odor

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The best thing to do for those stinky places in your house is use something to absorb the odor! That's what these homemade odor eliminator tabs are good for! These great deodorizing disks will absorb the odors you want get rid of in your home.

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All Natural Odor Eliminator. This is a total win over conventional odor control because there’s only two ingredients, and no harmful chemicals. Traditional store bought fresheners contain artificial scents that are toxic for our health, not to mention they usually have other chemicals used in production.

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Unscented chlorophyll cat litter Instead of placing an open box of baking soda in your fridge, try some cat litter. Enzymic Cleaner Enzymic cleaners are a very popular odor eliminator.

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Freshen house smells - wish I'd seen before this weekend of my home smelling like onions from the French onion soup casserole!!! Good to know for next time...

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