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Oecd Meaning

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Upward mobility in U.S.. The relationship between father-son earnings is tighter in the United States than in most peer OECD countries, meaning U.S. mobility is among the lowest of major industrialized economies.... An elasticity of 0.47 found in the United States offers much less likelihood of moving up than an elasticity of 0.18 or less, as characterizes Finland, Norway, and Denmark. In U.S., people make money the old fashioned way: they inherit it.

from the Guardian

OECD inequality report: how do different countries compare?

INEQUALITY between rich & poor - of all countries tracked - have increased most in Germany & the US since 1985 says OECD report, meaning MOST of the wealth & income gains have gone to the top small percentage of people & not shared w/ the poor. The US ranks #17 & Germany #18 of 34 for Life Satisfaction. Spain's inequality decreased more than any country since 1985.

from The Atlantic

The Countries Where Women Have the Best Lives, in Charts

According to the OECD's "Better Life Index," women in Denmark have the most overall life satisfaction...the darker red countries means more satisfied.

from Skills and Work

What Does Globalisation Mean for Skills and Work?

What Does Globalisation Mean For Skill and Work - from OECD

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Is Your Heart in The Right Place?

It has become clear that teaching skills requires answering “What should students learn in the 21st century?” on a deep and broad basis. Teachers need to have the time and flexibility to develop knowledge, skills, and character, while also considering the meta-layer/fourth dimension that includes learning how to learn, interdisciplinarity, and personalisation. Adapting to 21st century needs means revisiting each dimension and how they interact: