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Does your office refrigerator need a little TLC. Here are some office tips on creating a calendar and cleaning out the refrigerator to need clean. Most office refrigerators have more germs than the office bathroom.

Send pictures of your company's office refrigerator to and maybe we'll get an office refrigerator board going on Pinterest!

Office Refrigerator Etiquette, Fridge Cleanup Sign, SKU: S-5270


Pizza Allegedly From The '90s Found In Office Refrigerator (PHOTO)

The office refrigerator can be a well-ordered, hygienic space to store perishable food meant to be eaten that same day or a graveyard of quietly decomposing leftovers and ancient bottles of salad dressing. Is Your Office Fridge Scary? Here are some ground rules to avoid office kitchen conflicts.

Something amazing has happened in my office refrigerator #dreamsdocometrue #lacroix

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Set of Jeweled Magnets for Office, Refrigerator, etc. on Small Magnetic Board

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This will keep your lunch from being stolen from the office refrigerator!!

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How to control clutter hot spots – Part 2: study/ office, refrigerator, children's rooms