10 things you need to have to start oil painting for the absolute beginner, aka: the things I wish someone had told me few years back, I would have started painting with oils earlier.

Birch Oil Painting - Silver Birch Tree Palette Knife Landscape from Paula Nizamas.

A few simple steps to a clean paint brush after using oil based paint. I know none of us want to, but sometimes those oil based products are just what works best, and now we don't have to sacrifice our brushes.

i learned this in college and have used it ever since: How to Make a Paintbrush Cleaner Jar

Mixing skin tones in oil painting can be a tough task for most of the beginners in painting. Here let us discuss about the different aspects of mixing colors so that you can get the best realistic skin color for your portraits. Flesh tones don not have a specific formula and each one of you [...]

Oil painting basics: Oil painting for beginners | Part 1: Supplies

Learn How To Create Clouds The Easy Way. I will show you step by step on how to create realistic looking Clouds with Oil Paints.

Oil Painting Techniques, Drawing Tips, Lessons, that are Easy, Simple, FUN! THIS BOARD HAS NUMEROUS LESSONS FOR DRAWING ANYTHING. USE IT!

Love it when the birds are so fluffy.... Chickadee Bird Painting 5x5 Original Oil painting by LaveryART, $45.00

25 Mega Realistic Oil Paintings by Dutch Artist Tjalf Sparnaay. Read full article: webneel.com/... | more webneel.com/... | Follow us www.pinterest.com...

This piece is called "Sunrays" by G.Gercken. I like it because I like landscape art which shows peaceful mixing of man and nature. The "man" in this piece is represented by the fenceposts, but shows the respect of the humans who laid the fence as they disrupted the natural beauty of the scene as little as possible. The use of sunlight in the piece is beautiful.

Amazing touch!..cannot believe this is a painting! R. Oil Painting By Alyssa Monks

Oil Painting Tips For The Beginner - Painting is such an enjoyable form of art. It helps you express your emotions that is why painting is good to one's health.There are various kinds of paintings and one popular is the oil painting. Here are tips for beginners to create a beautiful oil painting on canvas.

Oil painting "A Jar Of Roses", oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas by Artist Nora Kasten / www.norakasten.com/

If you are looking for a post on “how to oil paint on canvas”,here is a detailed lesson with video to make you understand the whole process of oil painting. As a beginner, you may be confused about using the oil painting supplies and how to paint on canvas. Oil Painting Brushes and Instructions Now, [...]

This painting by Scott Mattlin is astonishing. The expression of the colors and the elastic oil paint came to the perfect expression of a portrait of a ballet dancer.

Demo on painting a portrait...part 1 - this demo uses oils. See if techniques can be applied to acrylic?

How to Make Skin Color in Oil Painting

Artist: Zombiey {contemporary artist beautiful female head woman face in vivid red portrait oil painting} ♥ Gorgeous !!

Love this - Day Off - oil painting by Andre Kohn. I want to join her - spread the blanket and bake....

Oil Paintings by Andre Kohn Oil paint is my favourite to work with, you can see the amazing results people can create with it.