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Price Per Drop

Do you ever wonder how much your doTerra essential oils cost per drop? Or, are you curious just how many drops are in a 5ml bottle vs a 15 ml bottle? Although there can be a little variation due to temperature and viscosity, here is an extremely helpful chart to answer your questions.


This chart is very helpful in targeting your doTERRA oils application! Learn more and get your products at or below wholesale pricing at


doTERRA Essential Oil Wholesale and Retail Price and Cost per Drop Comparisons Buy dōTERRA essential oils online at, or contact me for more info.


15 Amazing Uses for Eucalyptus Oil

Reference Sheet~Essential Oils by Young Living. For more info and to order please go to


Easy dilution chart when using essential oils. For further clarification, for example, when using 1tsp/5ml of a carrier oil, you need only 1 drop of the essential oil being used when using on children and the elderly. It would seem to follow then that if you were making a blend, say of lemon, lavender and peppermint, you would need 15ml of a carrier oil (according to the chart) for one drop of each.....


Essential Oil Comparison Chart Looking at the different companies that make essential oils and compairing their blends to doterra and young living. Eden's Garden and Healing Solutions sell amazing EO at a more cost effective price. If a recipe calls for one type of blend, you can substitue it for what is on the chart that is comparable to it. #edensgarden #doterra #Healingsolutions #Youngliving #blends #recipes