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Brake Inspection: Age, mileage and wear and tear on your vehicle all contribute to brake inefficiency. Our ASE Certified brake experts will evaluate the entire braking system and will restore your vehicle's system and braking performance to your satisfaction.


Open since 1921, West Penn Oil is the country's leading independent contractor for Oil Lubricant Packaging, Engine Oil Packaging, Radiator Additives and more.


Chicago Interior (1933-34). J. Theodore Johnson (1902-1963). Oil on canvas.  The warmth from the radiator is almost palpable in this painting, contrasting with the snowy city seen through the window. The distinctive blue-tiled tower of the American Furniture Mart identifies the setting. The artist portrayed his wife Barbara reading in their hotel room. The warm browns, yellows, and oranges raise the visual temperature, heightened further by hot touches of red.