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The Diet of Those Who Live Longest, Japan

Okinawa’s cuisine is often credited as the secret to a long and healthy life. Via @insidetravellab

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the Okinawan diet series: the bento (part 1

the okinawan diet -- what I've learned about food from living in Okinawa //


Yummy Yakitori Recipe - Japanese Dish TO die for in Okinawa. Had some in front of Treasure Hunters. Best used anime, manga, cd, dvd, etc ever!!


The Okinawa Diet Pyramid. Menu 1 Breakfast: A slice of carrot cake. A nectarine. Tea. Lunch: A few sushi. Algae soup. Grated carrots. Tea. Supper: Miso soup. A bowl of white rice. Cucumber salad. A banana. Tea. Menu 2 Breakfast: A two-egg herb omelet. Two slices of bran bread. An apple. Tea. Lunch: A lettuce, tomato, tofu, and endive sandwich on whole-grain bread. A bowl of rice. An orange. Tea. Supper: Soy and carrot salad. A bowl of white rice. Curried lentils. A peach. Tea.


okinawan food | andagi is an okinawan deep fried doughnut it is also known as sata ...

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Okinawan Takoraisu (aka “Taco Rice”)

“Takoraisu” (Taco rice), is a popular Okinawan dish invented in the 1960s by a Japanese chef who took the idea of tacos, so popular among the American military stationed on Okinawa, and combined it with rice, a staple item in the Okinawan diet. The dish has since become one of the most well-known Okinawan dishes. Its popularity has also spread into other parts of Japan. . . . looks good to me!


Goya Chanpuru (Champuru): Okinawan Stir Fry With Bitter Gourd, Tofu, Pork and Egg Recipe


Delicious local style Okinawan shoyu pork recipe. Great as a side dish. See more island favorites here.

8 Okinawa Food Treasures from Japan’s Most Famous Islands What better excuse to escape this winter’s cold than to explore Okinawa’s amazing cuisine! Check out these 8 essential Okinawan dishes that make it worth the trip.