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Okra (Lady's Finger) Can Cure Diabetes

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Okra Cure for Diabetes

Okra for diabetes-Take 2 pcs of med. sized okra, wash them and cut away both ends of each. Slit them from the middle, keep only the top end attached. Place them in a glass of water and allow to soak overnight. 1st in the morning, remove the two pieces and drink the water. Don't eat or drink anything for 1/2 an hour. You should see your sugar levels decrease after 2 wks of daily use. Continue doing this and then see if you can decrease dosage of your regular treatment by consulting your…


Lady Finger / "OKRA" for Diabetes: Take 2 pods of fresh Lady Finger / Okra. Remove/cut both ends of each pod. Also put a small cut in the middle. Put cut pods in glass. Cover with water. Then cover the glass. Keep at room temperature during night. In the morning before breakfast, simply remove the 2 pods from the glass and drink that water.


For Diabetes Sufferers - Cut the ends off of a few okra, put in a cup with water overnight, the next day remove the okra and drink the water...Diabetes will go away and so will your shots...Everything created by God.Tested on humans,the results, according to tests were miraculous! One volunteer said that their blood glucose decreased from 300 to 150.Another, fell from 195 to 94-and even said that the okra water played the role of insulin,very well done".Share this, as it will surely help


How to make okra water for diabetes recipe Drinking okra water helps in controlling your blood sugar level under control naturally. It can also reduce your risk for cancer, particularly cancer of the colon Combine the drinking of okra water in your diabetic diet, and keeping exercised. Now, let’s learn how to make okra water …