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Old Abandoned Houses

32 minutes ago

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Grand old abandoned house, built 1905. 2218 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. You can click for an article about the house and photos of the interior -- stunning!

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I dream of one day being able to restore an old abadoned house and put life back into it. Some day!!

  • lydia selk

    She really does. On her property is an old growth apple orchard. It is kind of magical.

  • Jacqueline McNeese

    Thanks for the information, Lydia Selk. Your friend has an amazing house!

  • lydia selk

    this is my friends house, I took this picture. Inside it is gorgeous! It looks like it is right out of country living magazine. And she totally starts all her food in that greenhouse every year

  • The King Of Heaven

    I love this house

  • Jacqueline McNeese

    Awesome! I would be the perfect sunroom/greenhouse for plants!

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Abandoned Victorian Mansions | Awesome old Victorian somewhere near North Vernon, Indiana. Upon close ...

  • Diane Riley

    Can't someone get the city to help her. Many citys want to save these homes, historial value.

  • Susan Jelleberg

    Still has the a/c in the window. Maybe it could be a church project to fix it up for her or at least the porch.

  • Melissa E Mariani

    I was shocked when I saw it on blogs I drove by it not to long ago and its much worse now

  • Debbie Birk

    Wow... So sad!! It was a very cool house

  • Melissa E Mariani

    it's not near north Vernon it's at 305 Jenningins st in the heart of north Venron not far from the country club and the old high school. just a block off state street next to the Yonts home.

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Old farm house in a glorious setting. In my imagination the owners have grown too old to keep it going, and the kids have gone on to different kinds of lives.

oh my's wonderful. I am going to need a house or cave this big to do all the things I have found on pinterest.

Abandoned plantation home. I LOVE old houses, broken down shacks..I think its so fascinating that something so old once held families and memories and stories that we'll never know.

  • Yolanda Thomas

    Yeah secrets

  • JD Haynes

    If only the walls could talk... think of the history and secrets they could have shared.

  • James Winburn

    Seven Oaks Plantation House, Westwego, La. Neglected by man............bulldozed 1977.

The Untold Stories of Abandoned Houses – Photography Showcase

Come in and rest a spell. I dreamt somerthing like this the other night, only there was a bed and an old lady sleeping on it. We thought her dead, she just got up and left... and we were going to buy the house (it had no outer walls anymore, just the inner ones and furniture), 93 euros a meter. Any good dream solver out there? ;)

Inside Old Abandoned Mansions | Amazing old and abandoned house.

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Once upon a time I was a shelter for a family and life flowed all in and around me . Once upon a time.

70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die, So sad that beautiful homes like this are left to rot

The windows and rusted tin roof of this old abandoned house tell a story from the past. Once a place of life, the weathered boards still stand, hanging on to the memories of yesterday.

Another deliciously creepy home. The McFadden Mansion, built in the 1880s. The grey-brown paint job and Gothic detailing isn't helping this Addams Family house, but it's the taxidermy-laden interiors that really cause a fright.

The abandoned house of Harry Flavel in Astoria, Oregon Been in love with this house since I first saw it... if I suddenly won the lottery, I think it would be my first purchase, haha. I love creepy old houses!!

  • Jamie Arney

    Been to the other Flavel House that is a museum. Same family? Very beautiful!

  • Tasha

    That's awesome! I love this house, whenever I'm in that area I go see it. Very cool that you have a connection to it.

  • Iris Arriaga

    The land for this Flavel house was my families original homestead. Love that house.

I want a house to make my home... does not have to be fancy just a place that I can be happy and start a new chapter of my life! This old abandoned house could be so BEAUTIFUL with some TLC!! It is just my style!

Old Mansions for Sale | Old Abandoned House With Country Path Photograph - Old Abandoned House ...

Inside Old Abandoned Mansions | found this old abandoned house for sale in Bee, Nebraska. (Not to be ...

Old Farm House - we are in limbo. This is what could be a compromise to base the Iast and final plan around!!

Beautiful abandoned house. This reminds me of my great grandparents home. They lived in Rusk Texas

old homes in russia | abandoned house in the tver region russia it was built in the period ...

Haddo House ~ Italianate mansion abandoned in the forest near to Inverkeithny, Scotland.

Love spooky old houses!! can you imagine what it would look like fixed up!

abandonded properties fascinate me and pictures of those in detroit are incredible. 75 Depot Street (by Mziehnert)

Niki told BuzzFeed: “The fascination for abandoned places started when I was a kid. There was an old abandoned house with a factory close to my town.” | 18 Chilling Photographs Of Abandoned Buildings Around Europe

When I see old abandoned houses, I wonder why it's owners abandoned it. I envision what it looked like when people lived there to include the kids playing out in the yard or a woman hanging clothes on a line, etc. I've always thought it would be a good tv show to showcase old abandoned homes. I think people would appreciate the history...I do!

  • Peg Norton Foster

    I agree with that!

  • Prim La Capra

    I would think of the loneliness of the last person perhaps an old lady who tried to cling to her old routines in the big house. With her frailties one day she just passed away.

  • Kelley Gribble

    Agree!! Love the history behind old homes.

  • Nadine Drake

    I would also! If they had the true stories with the homes, what a historical lesson that would be. Sometimes I actually cry when I see these homes left to die. It's like a best friend was left behind with no protection from the elements of nature.

  • Jen Gonzalez

    Great concept!

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