Love this old house! 70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | #MostBeautifulPages

Inside Amazing Old Abandoned Mansions. I wish people would renovate or duplicate some of these amazing old houses with beauty, style, art, carvings etc instead of the boxy, boring new house styles.

dilapidated mansion. Inspiration for Liberty Smith murder mystery.

I wonder, did anyone ever sit here and daydream, read books or reminisce or think of an old love?

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree!

Old abandoned farm house.

I love these photos of old abandoned buildings! Who could leave all these books, not to mention the beautiful cabinetry! save the books!

Abandoned at 703 Hall St.,Saint Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri (Adam N. Schuster House)

a beautiful image of an abandoned farmhouse - Friday Favorites - Living Vintage

Abandoned. Why do people abandon such beautiful things. I would kill to live in that house

Abandoned Memories

Lost | Forgotten | Abandoned | Displaced | Decayed | Neglected | Discarded | Disrepair |

Kosse, TX Old beauty long forgotten :(

..old house on small island.. it sure must have seen wonderful old warming you know...

Old House in Sycamore, GA. This home was found off HWY 41 in Sycamore, Georgia. It seems that this house was once a glorious one back in its hay day.

Abandoned hotel entrance, Thuringia, Germany

70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | Most Beautiful Pages

The shell of an old plantation house on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, near Antioch.

Lovely old abandoned house

When all hope is lost : Moss & ivy softly tend the wounds & suffuse abandonment with beauty.

Abandoned house in New Orleans. There used to be stables behind this ...

Abandoned. so old and rustic yet beautiful. holds so many memories

eerie church house

This old house sits near Hwy 11 in Tennessee, near Chatanooga. I'm hoping it will be saved...most owners of these wonderful properties will only see their old houses seized if they don't protect them.

authentic fauxhemian