Love this old house! 70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | #MostBeautifulPages

Old House in Sycamore, GA. This home was found off HWY 41 in Sycamore, Georgia. It seems that this house was once a glorious one back in its hay day.

Abandoned Old House | #Information #Informative #Photography

I love these photos of old abandoned buildings! Who could leave all these books, not to mention the beautiful cabinetry! save the books!

Inside Amazing Old Abandoned Mansions. I wish people would renovate or duplicate some of these amazing old houses with beauty, style, art, carvings etc instead of the boxy, boring new house styles.

This old house sits near Hwy 11 in Tennessee, near Chatanooga. I'm hoping it will be saved...most owners of these wonderful properties will only see their old houses seized if they don't protect them.

Beautiful Old Farm House - could use some TLC, but think of the possibilities.

70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | Most Beautiful Pages

Kosse, TX Old beauty long forgotten :(

Old Farm House, Maryland.. Oh the possibilities!!!

Abandoned. Why do people abandon such beautiful things. I would kill to live in that house

I adore creepy homes. This is the Carleton Island Villa, built in 1894. Today, after more than 60 years of neglect, the house stands nearly gutted by the elements, in need of a complete restoration. According to an architect who recently surveyed the site, the stone structure itself requires little work, but restoring the interiors to their Gilded Age glories would require a sizable fortune.

This Old House - Halloween House!

"Second Empire Home" The Historic Franklin W. Knox 1880 Italian Villa Style q in Coudersport, PA - Abandoned and reportedly haunted by a murder victim who is seen in windows at night.

The shell of an old plantation house on the outskirts of Nashville, TN, near Antioch.

70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die

The old abandoned house from the 1900's that stays perfectly fine no matter what happens to it...

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree!

Abandoned Memories

An abandoned house once advertised on Craigslist. Now it's probably long gone.

a beautiful image of an abandoned farmhouse - Friday Favorites - Living Vintage

..old house on small island.. it sure must have seen wonderful old warming you know...

Think of the children that grew up here, that played on this porch, that ran through the house up and down the stairs, the good times and the bad that this old home has seen.

I love old abandoned buildings.. I'm sure they all tell a great, sad, and fascinating story:)

Lovely old abandoned house