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..old house on small island.. it sure must have seen wonderful old days..global warming you know...

Grand old abandoned house, built 1905. 2218 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. You can click for an article about the house and photos of the interior -- stunning!

Love this old house! 70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | #MostBeautifulPages

Abandoned Victorian Mansions | Awesome old Victorian somewhere near North Vernon, Indiana. Upon close ...

Beautiful Old Farm House - could use some TLC, but think of the possibilities.

Le Beau House abandoned in Louisiana, an old plantation home. Top 10 Abandoned, Amazing and Unusual Old Homes. | Most Beautiful Pages

Niki told BuzzFeed: “The fascination for abandoned places started when I was a kid. There was an old abandoned house with a factory close to my town.” | 18 Chilling Photographs Of Abandoned Buildings Around Europe

Top 10 Abandoned, Amazing and Unusual Old Homes. | Most Beautiful Pages

Must have been a nice place where to live once

The Untold Stories of Abandoned Houses – Photography Showcase

I want a house to make my home... does not have to be fancy just a place that I can be happy and start a new chapter of my life! This old abandoned house could be so BEAUTIFUL with some TLC!! It is just my style!

Abandoned plantation home. I LOVE old houses, broken down shacks..I think its so fascinating that something so old once held families and memories and stories that we'll never know.

Another deliciously creepy home. The McFadden Mansion, built in the 1880s. The grey-brown paint job and Gothic detailing isn't helping this Addams Family house, but it's the taxidermy-laden interiors that really cause a fright.

old homes in russia | abandoned house in the tver region russia it was built in the period ...

Northcraft House (by Rodney Harvey) In 1896 William and Eliza Northcraft owned this house...(click through to read more)

Old farm house in a glorious setting. In my imagination the owners have grown too old to keep it going, and the kids have gone on to different kinds of lives.

Inside Old Abandoned Mansions | beelitz, surgery, sanatorium, abandoned, old, interior, house ...

An abandoned house once advertised on Craigslist. Now it's probably long gone.

Inside Amazing Old Abandoned Mansions. I wish people would renovate or duplicate some of these amazing old houses with beauty, style, art, carvings etc instead of the boxy, boring new house styles.

The abandoned house of Harry Flavel in Astoria, Oregon Been in love with this house since I first saw it... if I suddenly won the lottery, I think it would be my first purchase, haha. I love creepy old houses!!

Old abandoned house near Columbus, Ohio I would love to have the cash to restore what I am sure was an amazing home*

abandoned...beautiful home

Kitchen in Abandoned Home: A thick layer of dust covers this abandoned kitchen in Bodie, California, captured with a Nikon D200. “The compelling part of the photo for me was the normalcy of the setting contrasted with the obvious time that has lapsed,” says the photographer. “It is important to me because I love to find beauty in age, and I found it that day.”

Lovely old abandoned house

a beautiful image of an abandoned farmhouse - Friday Favorites - Living Vintage I could run away and live there in a heartbeat