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Amazing old and abandoned house.

Inside Amazing Old Abandoned Mansions. I wish people would renovate or duplicate some of these amazing old houses with beauty, style, art, carvings etc instead of the boxy, boring new house styles.

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9 Photos of Abandoned Cities

I love these photos of old abandoned buildings! Who could leave all these books, not to mention the beautiful cabinetry! save the books!

I often wonder, when I see an old house like this, about its past,,,,,,I can almost see children playing Ring Around The Rosie on the lawn, while their parents sit in a glider on the porch, and their grandparents rock in wooden rocking chairs and remember when they were young and playing Ring Around the Rosie,,,,,,,,, yes

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Dundas Castle is an amazing piece of abandoned American history

7 shades of green, all yummy


33 Abandoned Places That Will Freak You Out... But Yet Make You Want To Go Immediately.

..old house on small island.. it sure must have seen wonderful old warming you know...