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    Old House in Sycamore, GA. This home was found off HWY 41 in Sycamore, Georgia. It seems that this house was once a glorious one back in its hay day.

    Grand old abandoned house, built 1905. 2218 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. You can click for an article about the house and photos of the interior -- stunning!

    Niki told BuzzFeed: “The fascination for abandoned places started when I was a kid. There was an old abandoned house with a factory close to my town.” | 18 Chilling Photographs Of Abandoned Buildings Around Europe

    I love these photos of old abandoned buildings! Who could leave all these books, not to mention the beautiful cabinetry! save the books!

    Abandoned. Why do people abandon such beautiful things. I would kill to live in that house

    The old abandoned house from the 1900's that stays perfectly fine no matter what happens to it...

    Inside Old Abandoned Mansions | found this old abandoned house for sale in Bee, Nebraska. (Not to be ...

    Inside Amazing Old Abandoned Mansions. I wish people would renovate or duplicate some of these amazing old houses with beauty, style, art, carvings etc instead of the boxy, boring new house styles.

    This old house sits near Hwy 11 in Tennessee, near Chatanooga. I'm hoping it will be saved...most owners of these wonderful properties will only see their old houses seized if they don't protect them.

    ..old house on small island.. it sure must have seen wonderful old warming you know...

    70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die

    Abandoned Old House | #Information #Informative #Photography

    Lovely old abandoned house

    Lost | Forgotten | Abandoned | Displaced | Decayed | Neglected | Discarded | Disrepair | 1883 Seacliff~old abandoned house

    Once upon a time I was a shelter for a family and life flowed all in and around me . Once upon a time.

    Love this old house! 70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die | #MostBeautifulPages

    Grand old abandoned houses.

    I love old abandoned buildings.. I'm sure they all tell a great, sad, and fascinating story:)

    I dream of one day being able to restore an old abadoned house and put life back into it. Some day!!

    abandoned...beautiful home

    Come in and rest a spell. I dreamt somerthing like this the other night, only there was a bed and an old lady sleeping on it. We thought her dead, she just got up and left... and we were going to buy the house (it had no outer walls anymore, just the inner ones and furniture), 93 euros a meter. Any good dream solver out there? ;)

    old abandoned houses in oklahoma - Bing Images

    abandoned old mansions california | Old Staircase in an Abandoned House in France - Photorator

    Old abandoned farm house.

    Have you ever seen a canning house? These old gems are a rarity anymore. You can help save it and this old Appalachian farmhouse by checking our Renea's post. - GRIT Magazine