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How to Melt Old Candles to Make New Candles

An easy solution to use those left over pieces from old candles! Melt them and combine them together to make new wax candles you can use. Great upcycle for the winter and holiday season:

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How to Make Coffee Candles

Make your own coffee scented candles from old candles and coffee grounds! You can save so much money making this rather than spending a lot at the mall. A great upcycling trick and amazing hostess gift for the holidays!

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How to use your left over candle wax.

Here are some of our best uses for left over candle wax.  (Although our goal at Blue Moon Candles is to never leave any wax behind.)  ;) Pine cone Fire Starters You can make fire starters for yours…


Making new candles from worn-out candles is an easy upcycle activity that can save you money, get you prepared for an unexpected power outage. They even make great gifts! Here's how I make new candles from old ones.


Recycling Candles. Apparently this works so well scentsy is upset about the post! great tut.. I'm posting it in case scentsy makes them take it down! If you have a scentsy warmer, melt down your old candles, pour them in into ice cube trays, freeze for 20 minutes then pop them out and store them away in bags and use in your scentsy (or any other warmer). No wasted candles and in this economy, every little bit helps! by aftr