I miss the old Disney channel :( even if i was born on 2000 i still love the old disney channel
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Old Disney Channel <3 I've ALWAYS wanted to do that, now I can't if I ever go onto Disney. NO!!!!

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half the people pinning this, are 12 years old>> Okay, let me tell you a thing. Old Disney channel was MY CHILDHOOD. That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, ALL THOSE SHOWS. AND NOW THEY'VE RUINED IT WITH TALKING DOGS WITH BLOGS AND I CANNOT HELP BUT TO FEEL SORRY FOR THESE 12 YEAR OLDS NOW THAT PIN THINGS LIKE THIS. THEY CAN NEVER HAVE THE CHILDHOOD I DID AND I FIND THAT SAD.>> TRUTH!!!

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Even though I love Disney and forever will, it'll never be the same, for at least the channel. I miss the old Disney. And the old Disney stars. But I still love disney!

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Do you miss the old Disney Channel? Do you miss the days when Wizards of Waverly Place was on TV? We do, too! And we also totally miss Zack and...

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Yes I did cry when I watched the finale...sue me... What do I love the old Disney channel so much??

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My girls used to watch "Suite Life of Zach & Cody" I didn't care for it but London was funny :)

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YESSS!! That is the truth! But at the same time Raven Symone(That's So Raven), Hilary Duff(Lizze McGuire), Ricky Ullman (Phil Of The Future)..are the original Disney!!❤ But I also love Selena Gomez(Wizards Of Waverly Place), Jonas Bros (JONAS/Camp Rock)Demi Lovato(Sonny With A Chance/Camp Rock) & Miley Cyrus.(Hannah Montana)

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