‘William Morris’ David Austin Old English Rose

William Morris' David Austin Old English Rose. English roses are a group of roses introduced in 1969 by the English rose hybridizer David Austin. They have the full flower form and fragrance of old roses but bloom repeatedly and come in more colors.

Old Roses. They really are beautiful. My favorite type of rose

yellow rose rose garden flowers Roses Eden rose- also known as the pierre de ronsard---old french rose. // Great Gardens & Ideas // The mos.

shorenaratiani  Old English rose ‘Geoff Hamilton’

old english cabbage rose, grandmother has the mini version of this, from my Ital. - FLOWERS BY CHRYSSA

oh how beautiful is this 'old English cottage garden with its' white picket fence and trellis burgeoning with all things pink!

8 Essential Elements for Planning a Cottage Garden

Rose entrance - this arbor would lead into my secret garden. I love it being white and the gate being surrounded by roses:).

The roses of yesteryear, collectively called old garden roses, are beautiful and fragrant./

Tips for Growing Heirloom Roses

Tips for Growing Heirloom Roses The roses of yesteryear, collectively called old garden roses, are beautiful and fragrant.

Best of 2015

The Cornay’s Country-French garden blooms with legacy plants from two families in a fragrant and colorful celebration of heritage.

Beautiful English Tea Roses

David Austin Roses, true old english garden roses. Most smell incredible with strong perfume! I love English Roses.

Old English Gertrude Jekyll ~ Repeat blooming Old garden style English shrub rose. Very Fragrant

Old English Gertrude An English shrub rose, the Gertrude Jekyll offers repeat-flowering in the old garden style. Deadhead for a continuous show of flowers.

Learn More About Old English Roses. Love it.

What Are Old English Roses

There are old garden roses, English roses and likely old English roses. To shed some light on these roses and to help understand more about them, read this article.