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    Old Screen Doors

    Great idea to re-purpose an old screen door. This would also look great in an outdoor living space.

    Old Screen Door!!

    I love this old screen door and sign from Organized Clutter.

    Old screen door turned pantry! This is what I wanted to do with my old screen door but it doesn't fit the door!

    Beyond the Screen Door Jewelry Screen. Cute idea. I think I will have to copy the idea, but do it my style! :)

    This screen door reminds me of the door at my mother's parents farm house in Virginia. That door had a slap slap sound when it shut that I can still hear.

    Old screen door used as garden gate.

    old screen door decoration

    Gottta dig the handle.

    when people like me who love old screened doors look at images of them.. we automatically hear the creak and the slam that accompanies such doors.. for it's part of what makes them so dear to us..

    Old screen door attached to a shelf. Cool display

    An old screen door for your pantry or foyer coat closet. I LOVE this. Perfect idea for those of us looking to make our home unique.

    I'm going to have to find more old screen doors!! I'm finding way too many fun ideas! Love this bookshelf/cabinet idea!

    Old screen door attached to an old bookcase makes a great cabinet with vintage appeal.

    Doing this! Old screen door hanging from the ceiling with twigs and lights on top. Check out this blog, too. Neat ideas!

    How to trim out a standard home center screen door with stock pieces from a woodworking-supply shop to add vintage charm. | Photo: Michael Westhoff/Getty Images |

    Hall seat from old screen door, repurposed scrap wood, salvaged chair arms... and created a garden seat.

    Screen door... love these old screen doors... love the screechy sound they make when you open and the little pop when they close. Reminds me of my childhood at my grandmother's house. :)

    My Laundry Room Is Company Ready!

    old screen door turned pots and pans rack I would use HARDWARE CLOTH on the door for more strength and security

    Old Screen Door love the sound of a wooden screen door closing :)


    What a fun idea for updating an old screen door!

    DIY Craft Projects using Old Vintage Windows Doors - Trash to Treasure - Architectural Salvage

    I just love old screen doors. I can still hear the slam of my grandmother's back door.