Old Screen Door!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Primitive-Country-Treasures/100991083354848

old screen door in the yard

Super creative for an old door. Message board with chicken wire and small clothes pins. Cork board on the far left, and hooks in the center. All backed with metal so you can use magnets too.

You know you're home when you hear the sound of the wooden screen door close. This screen door reminds me of old Victorian big house!! Love it!!!

Hall seat from old screen door, repurposed scrap wood, salvaged chair arms... and created a garden seat.

Old screen door turned pantry! This is what I wanted to do with my old screen door but it doesn't fit the door space...boo!

when people like me who love old screened doors look at images of them.. we automatically hear the creak and the slam that accompanies such doors.. for it's part of what makes them so dear to us..

I love this garden door with the window box :)

pantry screen door

screen door... dogs. : ) (i want this screen door for our house.)

Love this idea, in case my next home doesnt have a pantry~ repurposed screen door set ontop of old cabinet

Love the old blue glass. https://www.etsy.com/listing/187307785/glass-insulator-wall-sconce-light-with

How to trim out a standard home center screen door with stock pieces from a woodworking-supply shop to add vintage charm. | Photo: Michael Westhoff/Getty Images | thisoldhouse.com

I Never Knew You Could Use An Old Screen Door In The Bedroom For THIS! What A Great Idea!

Great simple... A Garden Gate made from an old screen door!

old screen door decoration

Over 50 ideas to decorate with old doors

A gallery wall of old windows for people OBSESSED with windows!

Old screen door used as garden gate.

I love this old screen door and sign from Organized Clutter.

oh my...my old door in the back yard! Can't wait to buy vaseline!!!!!

Coat hook area, Old screen doors side by side

Recycle a vintage old silverplated serving piece into a create screen door or cabinet door handle. Upcycle, RePurpose! For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale ReDesign, LLC in Bonita Springs, FL

Little Brags: Decorating With Old Doors

I adore old screen doors and I love that this one has lace added to make it even more charming. I want to see more of this lovely home!