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Wallis Cub Junior 13-25 The Cub Junior was the successor to the Wallis Cub which was the first to use a one-piece frame. The unit frame design was improved upon in the Cub Junior by enclosing the final drives. First built in 1918, the 13-25 was powered by a Wallis-built engine.

Allwork 14-28 Most manufacturers in the early part of the century purchased their engines, transmissions, clutches and final drives from other firms. The 5,000 lb. model 14-28 packed an L-head cross-mounted engine rated at 900 rpm. Introduced in 1917 it generated 28 belt horsepower and could pull a three-bottom plow.

Minneapolis Threshing 22-44 Weighing in at 6 tons, the Minneapolis Threshing Model 22-44 is a giant by today’s tractor standards. But it was the smallest tractor in this manufacturer’s line. Its big brother, the 35-70, weighed over 11 tons!


On the Farm we had an old tractor but we also had a team of horses my Dad used to plow with and he let me ride on one of the horses while he plowed.....