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I restored old wicker chairs with the brown shoe polish with the little sponge in top. Rub in the polish wait for it to dry and seal it with a clear coat from a spray can.

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Richard Wells on

Weirdly apt faux rural Olde England style imagining for memorably creepy, The Wicker Man.

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This Hidden Litter Box Is The Perfect Solution For Cat Lovers Who Live In Small Spaces

Cats are great pets for apartments or small houses because they require far less space than a dog. As long as there’s a warm bed to sleep in, cats are happy. Just ask this adorable cat who loves to take naps with his human baby brother. Another thing that makes cats well-suited for small spaces... View Article

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Take a couple old pieces of junk and transform them into into new and beautiful little garden scene

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Old wicker chair repurposed - so beautiful and I see old wicker furniture... Old wicker furniture makes gorgeous designing arrangement pieces.. My Complete Weakness... This will be a part of my patio definitely... Along with all of my other wicker sets of furniture... :)

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Refinishing Old Wicker Couches

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Martin Visser wicker lounge chair old production (11005)

How to Refinish an Old Wicker Rocking Chair

How to Fix the Wicker Backing Off a Rocking Chair

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