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Undines (Latin: Unda — a wave), also called ondines, appear in European folklore as fairy-like creatures; the name may be used interchangeably with those of other water spirits. Undines are said to be able to gain a soul by marrying a man and bearing his child. The German folktale of Ondine, a water nymph who curses her unfaithful husband to cease breathing if he should ever fall asleep again, is the basis for "Ondine's Curse," the historical term for congenital central hypoventilation…

#13 Sedative Ondine’s Curse Il principio attivo di questa playlist è Mùm, gruppo islandese di musica elettronica. La loro musica è una miscela di beat elettronici ispirati alla scuola berlinese, partiture strumentali che uniscono chitarre, basso, piano, tastiere "vintage", archi, fisarmonica e altro ancora, e melodie dolcissime e delicate come una ninnananna. Check the tracklist at

#mermaid #fantasy #adult fairy tale Book 1 when Wyatt and Marissa meet. Sweetest Curse, the sequel out next month. What happens when a mermaid marries a mortal? Ondine's Curse.


Ondine's Curse otherwise known as the historical name for Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS), a serious form of central sleep apnea. CCHS causes patients to lose autonomic control of breathing, resulting in the need to consciously initiate every breath. If untreated, patients with CCHS will die.