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Red Wine Brownies are the Greatest Invention of 2016

Red wine brownies are here to solve all of your problems. You'll be hooked after taking one bite of these delicious chocolate red wine brownies. Just imagine the taste of fudge and red wine. These make for a perfect night in with the girls! The daring girls will also enjoy them with a glass of red wine!


Mixed Berry Sangria

With the warmer weather, we all want a glass of sangria, especially with mixed berries! This really is one of the easiest sangria recipes out there. You can also call it a sangria white because it utilizes white wine, or even a sangria punch when differen


From one of my favorite blogs, "Ask France and England". If you ship FrUK at all, go check it out!


300-Calorie Dinners

Sometimes one lower-calorie meal a day is all you need to get back on track. With the entrée delivering a slim 300 calories, you can always add sides like a salad, a glass of wine, or a scoop of frozen yogurt and still be assured you're following a healthy meal plan. | Cooking Light


Wine, Glass and Food Pairings

This is more of a chart than a modern infographic, but it nicely shows correspondance between wines categories, proper serving glasses and pairings with different categories of food. It's quite complete and handy to have around next time you're preparing special meals as having the right wine enhances the entire meal experience. Click on the graphic for a high resolution one suitable for printing.


10 Best Wines Under $15

10 best red wines under $15. "Studies show that drinking a glass or two of wine every day (particularly red) can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. I for one take this research very seriously."


This cake is perfect for all the Red Wine fanatics out there! I made it for my friend Stephanie, who loves red wine, and who actually came up with the idea for this cake!! The recipe for this cake …