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Auggie Rants: Auggieism #38 - Boxer Comedian

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Comedian Chris Turner Performs a Series of Bitingly Clever One-Liners

Comedian Chris Turner performed a series of bitingly clever one-liners in a performance from the 2011 BBC Radio New Comedy Award showcase. via reddit

TV BREAKING NEWS Chris Turner - One Liner Comedian -

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Milton Jones: "I want to put silly cartoons in people’s heads"

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Top 10 One-Liner Comedians

There are about as many different styles of comedian as there are types of mixed drinks; there are storytelling comedians, observational comedians, physical comedians, socio-political comedians… the list goes on. But no shot goes to your head – at a club with a two-drink minimum – like one that a one-liner comedian mixes for you. It’s short, pithy, and to the point, and as effective – if not more so – than whatever joke that storyteller’s been stirring up for about five minutes now. Here…

Gary Delaney. Great one-liner comedian. More famous since doing "Mock the Week" and marrying Sarah Millican