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I love Native America, art and culture!? Why it's a bad thing for America's to appreciate there history. I for one say forget that. I have Native America blood, btw.


And now I figured out WHY I like guys that wear leather jackets. Thank my mom for making me watch soooooo many Marlon Brando films.


Heroin is King and without treatment at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center the body count will rise. Emergency Rooms in Los Angeles, Suffolk County,New York and Seattle are being bombarded with young men and women who have overdosed from injecting Heroin. The numbers since started being…

Gregorio Cortez, the ‘one-man’ gang This is the stuff of legend and lore in South Texas. Gregorio Cortez killed two Texas Sheriff’s because of a misunderstanding, a faulty translation of a simple word. It’s a good 6 minute read that traces Latino roots in U.S. history and tells a story all U.S. Latinos should know.


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KAYO Moon Mullins and the ONE MAN GANG Big Little Book BLB # 1415 HC 1939

Kayo Moon Mullins and The One Man Gang Big Little Book BLB 1415 HC 1939 | eBay


One of my all time top ten songs... Touch Me. The Doors.... til the heavens stop the rain...