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I would buy one of those for 1milion dolars


100 days anime challenge - Day 48: favourite harem/ reverse harem. Didbsomwone say *dasjes into the room* reverse *breaks 1milion dollar vase* harem *poses faboulous*. I shall never forget the lessons that OHSHC teached me*insert dramatic here*. XD No but seriously this anime is so hilarious and that's why I'm do exited for the second season. ONLY ONE MORE YEAR *feels her Feelz dying*.Everyone in this anime has something worthy to teach the ones who watch the show... so KISS KISS FALL IN…


A shiver passed through the assembled ranks. One by one they turned their heads and then stood paralyzed at the sight behind them. A creature of immense size and obvious strength perched upon the peak. It lifted its snout and released a jet of blistering white fire, punctuated at the end with a bone-rattling roar. And then it spread its wings behind it, and stood proudly. A Dragon. The last of its kind.


Saturn From One of Its Moons, 1920 astronomy space star chart print planets, solar system, universe, space illustration print

The current planetary transits are provoking challenges with empowerment.      If you're paying attention, you may be noticing issues emerging with self expression, stepping into your power more...


SCULPTURE Erwin Wurm; another "One Minute Sculpture." I particularly like this because how did this even happen? Again, a situation is staged that is very likely never to happen again.


Crocheted BLACK glass beads choker/necklace

Crocheted BLACK glass beads choker/necklace by kovale on Etsy, $58.00 youtube to mp3