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One Punch Man Wiki

Watchdog Man

ONE PUNCH MAN, Hero, Watchdog-man (番犬マン Banken-man) is an S-Class, rank 12, who…

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ONE PUNCH MAN, Hero, License-less Rider (無免ライダー, Mumen Raidā) Age 25 years old, No. 1 of C-Class from Z-City, Voice Actor Yuuichi Nakamura, Episode 4

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Saitama hero age 25 years old is the main protagonist of One Punch-Man, and the most powerful hero alive, Having apparently trained himself to superhuman conditions, He faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he is now too powerful to gain any thrill from his heroic deeds, Voice Actor Makoto Furukawa, Episode 1

Bill Cipher

What's the lesson and point of Spongebob? Spongebob teaches us to be annoying, Squidward teaches us to be a downer, Mr. Crabs teaches us to be greedy, And Patrick teaches us to be dumb!!

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I can see the weekend and now I just DGAF (39 Photos)

Hi, this is my personal tumblr. I'll be mainly reblogging shiz that I like. This covers a LOT of fandom stuff XD I'm an animator and illustrator, so sometimes I make gifs or draw. I try to tag up what...

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