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"The things we fear the most, have already happened to us"

Midwife- can't wait to be one someday!


We provide Aching Arms Bears to hospitals for midwives to give to newly bereaved mothers. We also reach out to mothers who contact us via our website, email, Twitter and Facebook and send dedicated bears, from one mother to another.

Share on Facebook If you are pregnant and planning a hospital birth, check your hos...

Iron deficiency is very common, even in children from developed Countries. [4][5][8]. Delayed umbilical cord-clamping can reduce iron deficiency anaemia in term infants, even in industrialized Countries, and prevent all these long-term irreversible consequences [29]. The evidence for the usefulness of delayed umbilical cord-clamping is compelling.

SAY WHAT!! Couple With 13 Sons Says They Wont Stop Trying Until They Have A Daughter (See Photos) Whatsapp / Call 2349034421467 or 2348063807769 For Lovablevibes Music Promotion You dare not try this in Nigeria at least not in this harsh economy people are managing to survive. Irineu Cruz and wife Jucicleide Silva have been trying for a little girl for almost 20 years and theyve only managed to add more boys to the family. The couple have a brood ranging from one month to 18-years-old…

Invite Your Doctor Campaign One of the greatest challenges in bringing vaginal breech birth back to the mainstream options open to women is the education and training of our doctors and midwives. You can help get word about the Conference to as many of these potential “breech catchers” as possible. -->Can you believe that women must campaign for a vaginal delivery?


38 weeks! And feeling EVERY bit of it Baby Bears heartbeat was 131-138 yesterday at the midwife appointment and they had to get the ultrasound machine out again because they couldnt discern between Bears head and bottom - turns out babys head is even more ginormous than it was a few weeks ago and babys bottom is quite round. I feel like there are so many jokes I could make here but in all honesty baby will fit in just perfectly with those attributes ;) We had an almost rain storm here this…


Re: Cochrane review finds no proved benefit in drug treatment for patients with mild hypertension | BMJ


And just like that things are back in full swing. Excited to work with some of my favourite clients on their websites this fall and finish off some projects that went a little quiet over the summer months (because cottages). The logo for Lincoln Community Midwives is one that Im especially excited to pick back up; were moving away from the botanicals keeping the non-concentric circles and adding a pop of colour. Stay tuned #midwiferylogo #lovelylittlerejects