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Madox - La Revolution Sexuelle. I would pin his other MV: High on You if I could, but that's maybe NSFW. Madox (Marcin Majewski ; born 9 september 1989 in Lubin) is a very androgynous boy from Poland. wow He's only 8 days younger than Bill Kaulitz from Germany (also an androgynous singer).

100+ Portraits of Iconic People of All Time

Che Guevara Ernesto “Che” Guevara Havannassa at the La Coubre Memorial Service in 1960. Che traveled around Latin America as a young medical student and came to the conclusion that the only solution for the poverty that he saw was world revolution. He was instrumental in Castro’s takeover of Cuba and was later assassinated by Bolivian forces who were assisted by the CIA. Date: 1960. Photographer: Alberto Korda.

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Radikal, brutal, ich-bezogen, abenteuerlustig, unverschämt und verliebt: Sam und Haley in Only Revolutions

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Esta es La Adelita, la dama de la revolución. Ella estaba durante revolución Mexicana como la líder de las mujeres. Hoy en día, durante la celebración se visten las mujeres en trajes similares en honor de Adelita.

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Watching the mediacows play assassins creed 3 was the only reason i did good in social studies when we learned about the american revolution

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Haitian Revolution, 1791--Where Rousseau family plantations were destroyed and 6th G-Grandparents were killed by their slaves. 5th G-Grandfather escaped island before the revolution, tipped off by a family slave.

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We all must live our lives always feeling, always thinking the moment has arrived. ~Tracy Chapman

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