Apple will open Siri to developers and launch Amazon Echo-like smart speaker, report says

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So that when you’re driving and using Siri hands-free, she’ll call the right person, instead of your ex or something. Open Siri by long pressing the home button > say “Call Nicole Nguyen” (or whoever), then when Siri responds with the incorrect pronunciation, reply with, “That’s not how you say that.” She’ll then prompt you to say the name correctly. - Expert iPhone Tricks You Should Know About

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As you likely know by now, there are multiple ways to summon Siri on macOS; you can open Siri with a keyboard shortcut, you can access Siri from the menu bar icon, and you can open Siri from the Do…

Construido en 2015 en Bangkok, Tailandia. Imagenes por Spaceshift. El proyecto SIRI consiste en la renovación de un edificio comercial. Este espacio es al mismo tiempo casa, y oficinas de un negocio de joyería que...

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Everything Announced at Apple’s WWDC ‘16 from Open Siri to Weird Text Messages |

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