The US Army 45th Infantry Division on the move in southern France during “Operation Dragoon” in August, 1944. (Photo: US Army Signal Corps)

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The ‘Other’ D-Day — Operation Dragoon -

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Riviera Invasion: Operation Dragoon: US 45th Infantry Division lands during Operation Dragoon.

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Operation Dragoon | The Allied Landings and Liberation of Southern France in 1944.

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This site is a blog about Operation Dragoon - the Allied landings and liberation of southern France during WWII. Here you will find resources about Operation Dragoon, and a comment / message board of WWII veterans' comments, which is very informative. (USS Anne Arundel - AP 76) was a part of this.

August 15, 1944 - 36th Infantry Division Landings at Saint Raphael - Operation Dragoon

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Invasion of Southern France pt2-2 1950 US Army Operation Dragoon World War II - YouTube

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Operation Dragoon: US troops come ashore on the southern coast of France, 15 August 1944 [Public domain]

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