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What is material master data management? Master data management is a comprehensive manner of ensuring that an enterprise’s critical data are linked to one file, which is the master file. MDM is more relevant to large organizations. The larger the organization, the greater may be the disparity between the different versions of data. An organization may have data for different needs, stored on the servers in different forms. An integrated Operational Data also known as operational data store…

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The Big Data Landscape

The Big Data Landscape via Dave Feinleib of Forbes: Vertical Apps, Ad/Media Apps, Business Intelligence, Analytics & Visualization, Log Data Apps, Data As A Service, Analytics Infrastructure, Operational Infrastructure, Infrastructure As A Service, Structured Databases, and Misc Technologies


Datastax Enterprise is basically production-ready search, real time operational data stores, and big data for analytics in one. "DataStax Enterprise provides integrated Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, Pig, and job/task tracking capabilities, replacing Hadoop’s HDFS storage layer with Cassandra (CassandraFS). Lower TCO than a traditional Hadoop solution. No more complex ETL operations as data is transparently replicated between all Cassandra, Hadoop, and Solr nodes in a DataStax Enterprise…


Many companies are in the midst of a Big Data project to store operational data. How does the event console and event stream data figure into this scheme? And what about the Service Desk? Taking a step back, we often see two camps in many large IT organizations: the real-time camp (event consoles) and the Big

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WibiData is a big data platform standing on top of Hadoop and HBase. A strong analytics platform for managing, investigating, and performing operations on very large consumer data stores. I love the example blog post where they load the entire history of Wikipedia just to demonstrate its operational speed and analytical agility. This one has a strong data dictionary tool and data enrichment capability. Compute on the fly user data - invaluable tool to understand your user behaviors.


I see lot of people discussing about ODS, and citing their own definitions and ideas about it. Some people also use the name as a synonym for a Data Warehouse or Factory Database. Thus, at times it…