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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Your Brain Melting?

this is an amazing example of unity because you dont know wether this is a picture of one persons face of two faces; because of the illusion of color.


Complimentary Colors for Home Decorating ~ "Life is a great big canvas...Throw all the color on it you can"... The complementary color scheme is made of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.


Aztec Suns - Warm and Cool colours. This would be awesome to put up in our house- interested in making this a summer art project?!?

“Otayuri - Davai ” So Otabek’s skating before Yurio, right? Can I get a return davai from him to Yurio this time? Please? Also, look at their costumes! Opposite colors :)


Drizzle on the class colors! Just melt Candy Melts® in both black & white, dip the pretzels, chill and drizzle with the opposite color! Easy, cute and super yummy!: