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Another good one for the kids! Opposite Words is an interactive vocabulary lesson for kindergarteners. The lesson is designed to teach kids some common opposite words. Kids will learn to identify and recall opposite words through a simple matching exercise, in which they have to match the words to their opposites. Kids will enjoy playing this exciting word game. They will learn new words and their meanings as they build and expand their vocabulary through this game.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Tier II Vocabulary Building Bundle - Word Work & Activities

This 20-week Tier II Vocabulary Building Word Pair Bundle for Grades 4 and 5 exposes students to a higher level of vocabulary - one week at a time with opposite word pairs. For example, 'hot / cold', 'new / old' and then pushes student vocabulary by using higher tiered vocabulary for those same words in order to expose students to a deeper meaning for the vocabulary words.


14 "English OPPOSITE WORDS" Learn opposite words Make connections with opposite words Fluency now - YouTube


Owl Opposites Flashcards ~ Free Printable

Owl Opposites Flashcards ~ what a cute way to teach opposites! Adorable owls showing many different opposite words {hot - cold, short - tall, wet - dry and many more!} Free printable flashcards are great for early childhood education!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

FALL, AUTUMN No Prep Literacy Activities, Worksheets, Printables

Literacy ActivitiesFall/autumn themed, activities, worksheets, and printables includes:-Fall/autumn Scrambled Words worksheet with answer key-Apple puzzle compound words, 2 pages of six each in color and black and white -Fall/autumn Picture Syllable sorting page-Fall/autumn word Syllable sorting page-Candy corn puzzle rhyming words, 3 pages of 4 each in color and black and white -Candy corn puzzle opposite words, 3 pages of 4 each in color and black and white-Candy corn puzzle synonyms, 3…