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Warning: These Perfect Loop GIFs Will Hypnotize You


Me being a human Mograph Effector. Uses optical flow from openCV to capture the pixel movement. I've added a little particle system on the end which blends the position back to it's original over time.


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I've brought in some optical flow data from a live camera feed and represented it in the viewport. This is stage one, getting the data in, next stage is interactive realtime prototyping for testing interactions.


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The Extraordinarily Remarkable Life and Art of M. C. Escher

Staircase " Patterns are formed when ones structural element, or functional operation is placed in a manner that creates flow and change. The combined parts are different then the separate parts. Perhaps the patterns are already in existence,..."


Eva Hild -organic ceramic form- This twisting ceramic form is very beautiful. I like the way that it is formed.


4. The future applications of drones such as this one are that it has easy to swap batteries, an HD camera, 7 sensors: Accelero, gyro, magneto, sonar, optical flow, altimeter, and GPS, smartphone control over WiFi, it is the same size and weight of soccer ball so it is small + efficient, it has protective grids to prevent injuries, and an on-board computer! #livingtheflylife #drones #future

Optical flow QTZ test

Optical flow QTZ test by gnomalab. Optical flow QTZ plugin ( incluido en apple developpers)