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Hamatocactus setispinus syn. Thelocactus setispinus aka Miniature Barrel Cactus, Hedgehog Cactus • hardy to 20 degrees, Native to USA (Southern-Texas) and Northern Mexico (Taumaulipas ; Nuevo Leon, Coahuila), full sun to part sun in summer, fragrant yellow flowers with red orange centers bloom Summer through Fall, well draining soil, drought tolerant, weekly water during growth, keep dry in winter.


Poppy plants are commonly referred to as “poppies” and are flowering specimens from the Papaveraceae family. The blooms have four to six petals with a cluster of stamens in the center. Poppy flowers come in various colors, including red, yellow, pink and white, and some have markings on the petals or in the flower’s center. Flower petals remain crumpled during the bud stage, with the petals lying flat once the poppy is in full bloom.