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Orange Diy Kitchens

Don’t Throw Away Your Citrus Rinds – Dry and Save Them For Recipes That Call for Zest

dry and save your citrus rinds, make powdered zest to keep for recipes that call for zest.

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Homemade Orange Oil

Why spend good money on something you can make at home? Gather those orange peels and make homemade orange oil and save!

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Diy Orange Body Butter

DIY ORANGE body butter recipe: The coconut oil in this butter will leave you feeling soft and the orange, energized.

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Homemade extracts are much cheaper to DIY than buy in the store, and they're incredibly simple to make. This detailed tutorial shows you how to make vanilla, lemon and orange extracts--you'll want to make some for your own kitchen, and some to give as gifts!

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DIY Flavored Extracts

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Home-made Extracts. Learn to make your own and never buy lower quality, more expensive extracts again.

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Lemon/Orange Extract 1-2 - whole organic lemons or 1 orange 3/4 cup - Vodka glass bottle with lid/cork Wash and dry fruit thoroughly before peeling off the thin outer layer. If any white pith remains, slice it off with a paring knife as they tend to add bitterness. Fill the bottle with peels and cover completely with vodka. Seal well and place in a cool, dark place in your kitchen.

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EASY Citrus Sugar Recipe. Make Lemon, Lime, or Orange sugar and add some flavor to your baked goods. Free printable!

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