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December Dawn - baby quilt - lilac, orchid, bark, gold

December Dawn baby quilt lilac orchid bark by mysweetmerrimint

Orchiata. New Zealand Orchid Bark as a Potting Mix for Orchids and Cymbidium Growing Media | Orchid Substrate from Besgrow Orchiata Specialists.

This orchid bark, Orchiata, is used by the Smithsonian orchidarium in WDC. All of my orchids are now potted in it and they're doing terrific. Try it if you're an orchid fan.


Orchid potting mix Phragmipedium Pleurothallis Renanthera Rossioglossum Orchid bark A mix of washed coco husk chips charcoal Freshly blended to order No prepackaging 225 Quarts ** For more information, visit image link.