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Botanical Couture Workshop with Françoise Weeks – Day 3

Floral shoe, bracelet and ring with birch bark, succulents, mini crassula, acacia, mini leucadenron, and a mini green cymbidium orchid, by Floral Verde LLC in Cincinnati, OH.

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Large Easy Care Low Maintenance Air Plant Terrarium - A Unique Birthday or Holiday Gift

Terrarium with rocks, preserved moss, air plant, orchid bark, charcoal, stones, glass, wood, Billy balls, air plants, etc.

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bit of romance to your boring shower? All you need is a hanging shower caddy, a plastic loofah, orchid bark and a few other epiphytic 'air' plants to turn a well-lit bathroom into a tropical spa getaway. Here's how to make your own!

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Alocasia Amazonica The best growing media for this plant is a well aerated soil that can drain quickly. Make it yourself with a good "moisture control" potting soil mixed with bark such as orchid potting media containing charcoal, coarse Perlite™, peat moss and finely shredded sphagnum moss. A layer of loose mulch above the soil will give the roots a natural place to spread.30% soil, 20% peat, 40% orchid bark with charcoal , 10% Perlite and some finely cut and shredded sphagnum moss works…

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Fox Brush Orchid also known as Cat's-tail Orchid is a dwarf orchid species with crystalline pink, spotted magenta, fragrant flowers that are highly prized in horticulture for their racemes of showy, intensely fragrant, and colorful flowers. These are kept as houseplants, and best grown in hanging baskets, teak containers or net pots, which allows the roots freedom to extend into the air. They prefer to be grown in well drained media such as tree fern fibers, medium fir bark, or sphagnum…

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Black Orchid lady slipper. If planted in bark it will retain less water, and need to be watered around every 5 days

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Large Easy Care Low Maintenance Air Plant Terrarium - A Unique Birthday or Housewarming Gift

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