Alabama's Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday Feb. 22 - 24 (Batteries, generators, tarps, coolers & more) |

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rePotme Orchid Supplies offers the highest quality orchid supplies, orchid mix, media, orchid pots and fertilizer for orchids, houseplants, tropicals and bonsai.

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Bulk Activated Charcoal for terrariums-1 pound bag of charcoal-soaps-Terrarium supplies-Garden supplies-Orchid supplies by…

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Orchid Pot Hanger, 8 Inches, Single by Orchids R Us, Inc.. $0.79. Single Shanks. For Clay Pots. 8 inches total length. Orchid Supplies > Wire Products. Galvanized Wire, 10 gauge. Single shank. 10 gauge, galvanized wire designed to hold clay pots secure. provides hanging ability. clips to pot edge. re usuable.. Save 19%!

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Best Orchid Supplies | My First Orchid

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Spray-N-Grow by Spray-N-Grow. $18.71. foliar spray. Non toxic. Orchid Supplies > Micro Nutrient. 8 oz in plastic bottle. Use on vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants, ornamentals, orchids. Makes 16 gallons of mixture. Contains 17 micronutrients not normally available in fertilizers. Formulated to be more powerful together than separate. It's fortified with the four micronutrients (iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium) which tend to become unavailable the easiest but ...

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