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22 things to do in salem--the Capitol Building -- Info. on visiting the State Supreme Court here:


Tribal Member Fasts to Protest Oregon Gov. Brown's Nestlé Water Policies Governor Kate Brown wants to give away over 100 million gallons of public water fro the Columbia River Gorge every year to the Swiss multinational. Food & Water Watch September 22, 2016 #stopNESTLE

Should every US high school student have to pass a citizenry exam? An interesting debate is brewing over how informed our students need to be about state and local government:

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Armed Pro-Gun Advocates Burned An Effigy Of The Oregon Governor

Armed Pro-Gun Advocates Burned An Effigy Of Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Her response? “They’re going to run out of mannequins” before she caves on gun control.

Oregon State Rep. Bill Post, a Republican in favor of gun reform, said the act did not help the cause. (Photo: KAVU) Gov. Kate Brown, lacking the mandate of an election win for her current post, is not well liked by some in the state’s Second...


Kate Brown gets to sign her own bill, for automatic voter registration in Oregon

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signs a bill that could add hundreds of thousands of people to the state's voting rolls.

Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon, fielded the $21.5 million plan from health care leaders . "Thousands of families are struggling to pay their rent and they're one doctor's visit or broken relationship or lost job away from being on the streets," Kafoury said. "The shelters are full and the wait list for affordable housing is long and growing longer. We need affordable housing and we need it now."

drift creek falls, near lincoln city oregon directions:


A pro-gun rights rally on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol brought about 100 open-carry advocates to Salem who hung and then burned Gov. Kate Brown in effigy.

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OR Rt 46 in Cave Junction

Oregon Caves National Monument - Oregon