An inspiring blog post about what one organ transplant recipient has done with twenty extra years of life. So beautiful! An absolute must read! #organdonation #donatelife

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Transplantation is the transfer (engraftment) of human cells, tissues or organs from a donor to a recipient with the aim of aiding and restoring function(s) in the body

Donate Life Organ and Tissue Donation Blog℠: Markham Stouffville Hospital awarded for work on organ transplants

The 25-year-old's body rejected an organ transplant.

Donate Life Organ and Tissue Donation Blog℠: Half of organ transplants from deemed consent after new law

Mental Health Illness,Depression, Bipolar, Lyme Disease, Celiac, Kidney Cancer, Organ Transplant by QuietMindDesigns on Etsy, $17.50

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Organ donation is the source of organ transplant operations.seen here is a truck with advertisement of organ donation during a campaign in Izmir,Turkey.The system works more efficiently since the donation campaigns are spread through the nation.

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