Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make! • Want to make your own organic fertilizer for your garden? Check out how easy it is!

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Compost tea is the perfect way to boost your plants growth and obtain higher yields – NATURALLY. We use compost (composting 101) and cover crops (planting cover crops) for building great soil structure and vitality - AND we boost plants during the growing season with a simple homemade natural liquid fertilizer on our plants called compost tea.

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...Why wouldn’t you make your own organic fertilizers for your garden, instead of buying expensive specialty products? It is easy, it is healthy for both your family and the earth at large, and it is cost effective.

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How to Make Compost Tea | For the best flowers and vegetables you have ever grown | all natural organic fertilizer for free | Sunny Simple Life

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4. Rose Fertilizers There are scarce few gardening endeavors as rewarding as growing the perfect rose. There are also few as difficult. Roses require constant attention – weeding, pruning, pest-treating, training, and of course feeding. Getting your rose fertilizer just right can have a huge impact on the appearance and quantity of blossoms your bushes unfurl each year. If you need a little help balancing… [read more]

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How To Improve your Garden soil without a compost heap - An easy way to recycle kitchen waste directly in your soil.

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Using alfalfa pellets as cheap organic fertilizer for your lawn and garden - The Cheap Vegetable Gardener

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Instead of using commercial fertilizers and plant food, why not use some scraps from your kitchen that would otherwise end up in the trash or compost bin to amend and improve your garden soil naturally? Inexpensive and easy, these are my favorite ways to get my garden ready for spring planting. Eggshells, banana peels, Epsom salts, coffee grounds. Find out more at

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Are you wondering how to make organic fertilizer to feed your garden this summer? This manure tea recipe is an easy and inexpensive way to do it.

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