homemade all natural fruit tree spray - feeds your trees at the same time as treating disease

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Growing your own fruit can be rewarding and delicious. From apples to peaches and plums to lemons, fruit trees can be susceptible to a variety of insect pests that can reduce the quality of the fruit ...

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JANUARY: Fruit tree maintenance (spray and prune deciduous; fertilize evergreens; move Figs; add bareroot apples & pears; add Fuerte avocados and lemons)

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Stacking Functions: Increasing Yields & Decreasing Labor with Multi-Function Elements - The Prepper Journal

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Peach trees (Prunus persica, U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 to 8) are vulnerable to a range of pests and diseases.

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The most effective and easy way to keep the creepy crawlies out of your precious tree fruit.

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