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Human Body Project: A Life-Size, Lift-the-Flap Model

This foldable is a great idea for students to understand how the human body functions and where organs are located. This activity can be completed in groups and can be placed around the classroom for students to recall on information. What makes this activity interesting is that students can lift up a cut-out of an organ and read the characteristics and the role it plays in our body. KR


The Harmful Effects of Alcohol Poster explains the long-term harmful effects alcohol has on the human body. It provides detailed anatomical illustrations to show the damage alcohol can have on vital organs, such as brain damage, heart disease and liver cirrhosis. This poster is a great tool designed to education people of the effects of alcohol.


FINALLY! I found a great website to help teach David about anatomy. I think anatomy isn't taught enough at an early age, and the more children UNDERSTAND how the human body works, the more predisposed they will be to taking better care of it. Good health primarily sits in the hands of prevention. Not to mention MAYBE juuuuust maybe, he'll be more inclined to wanting a profession in healthcare (ahem Doctor.. maybe lol) only if he wants of course lol