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ASMR -Tapping for tingles - Head orgasms

ASMR -Tapping for tingles – Head orgasms?


"I am the ultimate source dancing through all forms. I am the animating force vibrating the world into being. I activate invigorate potentiate. Let me fill you with cosmic ecstasy. Let me reconnect you recharge you renew you. I am the sweet-bliss honey nectar that snakes up your spine connecting all your chakras into one big orgasmic orgy of power vitality energy." I AM Shakti Yesterday my energy was low and drawn. I felt a bit depleted. I drew this card while doing a meditation on sexual…

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The Secrets of Orgasmic Meditation

We might just be the last people to this particular pajama party, but we recently found out that theres an entire meditation practice that revolves around orgasms. Nicole Daedone—the creator of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and …


How to OM (Orgasmic Meditation) Step by step (18+ Content)

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5 Ways Meditation Can Help You Have Mind-Blowing Sex

Amazing sex may seem like an unlikely benefit of meditation, but let's just say that mindfulness may do much more for you than Viagra in the bedroom. For too long, meditation has been associated


Orgasmic Meditation - Step By Step Instructions

Orgasmic Meditation and Pleasure As Practice (Part II): Sexual Healing

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I Took An Orgasmic Meditation Course And My Brain Kept Ridiculing Everything Because That Is How My Brain Works

I Took An Orgasmic Meditation Course And My Brain Kept Ridiculing Everything…


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