Love the 2016 Origami Owl Halloween charms, boo dangle, swarovski crystals, and Living Locket!!!

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Origami owl locket Origami owl locket with Swarovski crystals, and 4 charms included (an I, a heart, an U, and an infinity sign) on a silver chain. *or best offer* origami owl Jewelry Necklaces

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Rose gold large locket., Swarovski crystals window frame inside.. He is Risen plate.. Origami Owl

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*Gasp* The new pave Swarovski crystal twist face, locket and accent stones coming Aug 18. Ok, you can breathe now!

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As our first-ever oval Locket bracelet, the Origami Owl Rose Gold Classic Bracelet Living Locket® with Swarovski® Crystals is a gorgeous way to showcase the Charms and Dangles that reflect who you are. Smart, stylish and sophisticated, this Locket Bracelet is distinctive as a one-piece bracelet: a Locket-and-Chain-in-one!

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Legacy locket from Origami Owl. This one is big and blingy! Swarovski crystals. Add a long chain and it's gorgeous!

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Origami Owl Legacy Nesting Bubbles with Swarovski Crystals + Designed as a Charm catcher + Customizable shelf for the Legacy Living Locket + Works on Chains + Smaller 2 Bubbles fit within all Lockets.

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