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Handbook of Orthodontics (Paperback)

Handbook of Orthodontics

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Eco-dent Mint Mouth Rinse (1x8oz )


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in USA- Elmex Anti-Cavity Mouthwash - 500 ml

-in USA- Elmex Anti-Cavity Mouthwash - 500 ml -

Glide Floss Threader 30 Pieces (Pack of 6) by Oral B.

Anterior Alignment Appliance This particular appliance was constructed for a 36 year-old female patient with no prior orthodontic treatment. She has a well-rounded arch and normal occlusion with the exception of misaligned laterals and lingually placed central incisors. She did not have issues with the maxillary arch and could not afford traditional braces. The anteriors were deemed too extreme for a simple spring aligner.


Look - It's a glittering orthodontic appliance. So chic! Made with the orthodontic acrylics of the Orthocryl® series by Dentaurum. Have a try yourself! #Orthocryl #orthodontics


I make videos covering all aspects of the Orthodontic Lab. I try my best to teach how to make orthodontic appliances for the rare person out there that wants...


Orthodontic Appliances For Underbite Review -


Utility Tooth Orthodontic Appliance,Blue Silicone Hot Professional Alignment Braces,Oral Hygiene Dental Care Equipment For Teeth