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Oh...I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner. That is what I'd truly like to beeee. For if I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener, everyone would be in love with me!


Cheesy Bacon Hasselback Potatoes – Hasselback potatoes always look great on a dinner plate. This cheesy version, made with OSCAR MAYER bacon, cheddar and fresh chives, is sure to be a new favorite during all your spring and summer entertaining.:


oscar mayer wienermobile & Gertsenslagers | The 1952 Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at the 2005 North American ... I learned this morning that a man from my church, John Keller helped Gertsensalger's build this version of the Weinermobile. He never wanted to take credit for his work. John's wife, Blanche, shared the store on our way to church this morning.


Creamy Broccoli-Bacon Bake – Shredded cheddar, cream cheese and smoky OSCAR MAYER bacon give this tasty broccoli bake its creamy, flavorful appeal. Make room for this delicious side dish on your Thanksgiving dinner menu! Your family and friends will enjoy the original recipe but if you’re looking to switch things up a bit, consider cauliflower instead. Either way, this hot cheesy casserole is sure to please the holiday crowd.


The Oscar Mayer Mansion Is A $1.75 Million Fixer-Upper Are you in the market for an old home with a lot of character that needs a little bit of work? There are a lot of those on the market but few are the Evanston home once owned by tubesteak king Oscar Mayer Sr. The onetime hot dog king of Chicago lived at 1030 Forest Ave. in the northern suburb from 1927 until his death in 1965 but the home has fallen into decay over the ensuing decades.