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How to Remove Bone Spurs From the Neck

Types of Vertebral Disc Problems

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Cervical Osteophytes: Bone Spurs in the Neck

Cervical osteophytes, also called bone spurs in the neck or cervical spondylosis, is a common condition with aging and do not always generate pain in the neck region of the spine.

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natural treatments for bone spurs

Natural Treatments for Bone Spurs Bony projections formed along the joint, also known as bone spur or osteophytes, normally limit the joint movement and cause pain due to an increase of damaged joint’s surface area. They are also seen as a sign of degeneration in the spine since they naturally form on the back of…

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How Are Osteophytes (Bone Spurs) Diagnosed and Treated?

What Are Osteophytes (Bone Spurs)?

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Home Remedies for Bone Spurs

Prev post1 of 3Next Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, are tiny bony outgrowths that form along joint margins. Bone spurs normally happen on the back of the spine as a person ages. However, they can also appear on the feet, either along toes or the heel, as well as on the hands. The main