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Anterior Decompression and Osteophyte Removal

An examination of the degenerative spine conditions that cause neuroforaminal stenosis, or narrowing within the passages that house spinal nerve roots.


Great Spinal Cord Condition image.. I have the spinal Osteophyte formation through 3 nerves, good times...attached is website for an Orthopedic Spinal Support Pillow w/ Massage and Far Infrared which I am seriously considering being my next purchase!


Home Remedies for Bone Spurs

Prev post1 of 3Next Bone spurs, also known as osteophytes, are tiny bony outgrowths that form along joint margins. Bone spurs normally happen on the back of the spine as a person ages. However, they can also appear on the feet, either along toes or the heel, as well as on the hands. The main


Understanding Lumbar Osteophytes (Bone Spurs)

Could bone spurs be the cause of your back pain? Osteophytes (bone spurs) may occur as a result of degenerative changes to the spine.


An illustration of a healthy spine and one with spinal osteoarthritis, which is also called lumbar spondylosis when it occurs in the lower b... (advanced L-4, L5 spondylosis)


Dorsal talar osteophyte - Lateral radiograph of the ankle reveals a bony excrescence from the dorsum of the talus compatible with an osteophyte. Not there is no evidence of talar beaking or coalition.