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Grandparent Names in Different Languages

What do your kids call their grandparents? Click to download the .pdf of a list of all grandparent names that goes way beyond Grandma and Grandpa so you can find the perfect handle for any and all grandparents.


Great-Grandmother Brooch Pin, Mom, Grandma, Mother's Day Gift, Hand Stamped Jewelry, Stacked, Layered,Disc, Pendant, Grandparent's Day Gift

What a wonderful keepsake for that proud mom or grandmother that she can wear close to her heart. I have a few variations in my shop with different charms that might suit your fancy. This one is adorned with a silver petite puffy heart charm. This Stainless Steel layered pendant features 3 discs hand stamped with Mom Grandma and Great-Grandmother and adorned with a petite pewter heart charm. In Message to seller please note the names or words to be stamped and/or any other special…

Mother's Day Gift - Grandma Gift- Family Tree - Personalized gift for Grandmother - Grandkids Names - Can be done in other colors


Barred owl(Strix varia). The barred owl is a large typical owl native to North America. Best known as the hoot owl for its distinctive call, it goes by many other names, including eight hooter, rain owl, wood owl, and striped owl.


1960 The Fire Cat Vintage Childrens Book

Had this book and many others like this! Would go to the book self and pick a least two to four books too read for the night!!


A sugar cookie with vanilla. I've heard of this name being used for cookies that were sold in a box with a fairy tale character on them and the cookies would be dyed to match, but other than that, ...


Mosaic Garden Stepping Stone

want these for my garden but prob with my kids' names. we'll see. maybe i won't have my garden until i'm a grandma