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7 Quotes for When You Need to Care Less about What Other People Think (Printable)

7 Quotes for When You Need to Care Less about What Other People Think. Because we all need less self-consciousness and more self-love!

from Dr Peggy Malone | Health Coach | Take Control of Your Health

What Other People Think Of You Is None Of Your Business - Dr Peggy


Negative & nasty people are usually the loudest and have the most to say! They love bringing other people down - especially publicly. These types of people believe that the way to success is by dragging down and ridiculing others. I prefer to uplift and encourage people and if I don't like someone or what they do I sure don't waste my time & energy talking about them. Don't let these types of people distract you from what truly matters. You know who you are and why you do what you do. If…


How to build immunity to control dramas - Narcs go through their lives in a constant hunt for someone else’s energy. When they control others, they feel better stealing their energy. Manipulation for other people’s energy can happen either aggressively, directly forcing people to pay attention to them or passively, playing on people’s sympathy or curiosity to gain attention.


Other people will judge u, give opinions on your life or even try to harm u...don't let that keep u from leaving peacefully:) I've been thru it all & tho maybe in the past I let it steal my joy today it rubs off like butter:)


Be positive when negativity surrounds you. Smile when others try to bring you down. It’s an easy way to maintain your enthusiasm and focus. When other people treat you poorly, keep being you. Don’t ever let someone else’s bitterness change the person you are. You can’t take things too personally, even if it seems personal. Rarely do people do things because of you. They do things because of them. - via: