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Otto Carius an der Ostfront, Sommer 1944 Ritterkreuz am 4. Mai 1944 als Leutnant der Reserve und Zugführer in der 2. Kompanie/schwere Panzer-Abteilung 502/61.Infanterie-Division/XXXXIII. Armee-Korps/Armeegruppe Narwa/Heeresgruppe Nord


Today, the 24th of January, one of the last surviving well-known 'Tiger' commanders, Otto Carius, passed away after a short, but serious illness, aged 92 Otto Carius was a German Panzer ace of WW2, fighting on the Panzer 38(t), Tiger and finally the Jagdtiger. It is estimated that during the war, Carius’ crew managed to knock out 150 enemy vehicles and many more soft targets and AT guns. He survived the fighting and after the war, he opened a pharmacy called 'Tiger-Apotheke', that exists to…


Top 10 German Tank Aces: Otto Carius - Otto Carius An extremely brave and decisive commander, Otto Carius served the German Army during the Second World War, after getting rejected twice during medical tests. He volunteered for the Panzer branch and in 1943 was transferred to the 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion. His regiment, the 21st Panzer Regiment saw substantial action against the Allies which even wounded Otto several times.