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One can not move forward until they leave the past behind. When we have turned to God to repent, forgive others and to forgive ones self, we have released bondages and strongholds that have been a hindrance for Gods blessings on our life and in our spirit


This topic covers the contracts we make before birth dealing with choices, people in our life, free will choice, pre-destined events and agreements. All of this takes place for our personal Soul's growth and the evolution of our Soul.

from Life's Journey To Perfection

All You Need for 2017's LDS Primary Theme: Choose The Right

All you need for 2017!! Printables and ideas to help with the LDS Primary Theme: Choose the Right. Including binder covers, posters and more!


Um, no it doesn't. Most of the time, our lives reflect the consequences of other people's choices and actions, especially if one is a woman or a child.

from Life's Journey To Perfection

Combined Youth Service Activity: More than 25 Ways the Youth can Share Their Lights and #LIGHTtheWORLD

A blog with ideas to aid us on our life's journey to perfecting ourselves and our families. Crafts, Printable Pages, LDS lesson helps and more.


Sharing some thoughts about some things that I've struggled with when I was younger and related to some things I've heard recently that really made me sad. Comparison is the thief of joy and I've learnt over time and age and with a little more perspective and grace from God that sometimes we need to put on mental blinkers in order to live our lives well. We are all called to different paths and if you would only see that so many people around need YOU to show up to embrace yourself and your…

from Kaylene Yoder

Raising Confident Daughters

Our life is an open book continually read by the little eyes in our home.This means that no matter how often I tell my daughters they are unique creations of a loving God — beautiful in His eyes — if they see me criticizing myself, comparing myself to others, or doubting my own abilities, they’ll eventually have reasons to question the sincerity of my words. #lovemom