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This is what we want to do for our fur babies. Only, we want to put the walk so it stakes to the ground so they can enjoy the grass and the "enclosure" to be bigger than that since we have 4 of the buggers ;)

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Customized Outdoor Cat House ... she doesn't give any how to instructions but we built one ourselves & had wood & the sheet metal roofing that I'd gotten off craigslist for free to make ours, we painted it the same color as our house to blend in and it has two levels, plexiglass windows & we insulated it with house insulation that we had left over sandwiched between the outside wall & the inside wall .......... #DIY #cathouse #cat #diypetprojects #wood #metalroofing #screws #carpet…

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Economy Cat Enclosure Kit. All economy kits are 4 ft. tall, made of solid redwood and galvanized steel wire and are 4 sided with a top, enabling them to be freestanding. They include an adjustable shelf and full-size door so you can enter too!

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Cagey Kitty: 7 Safe & Secure Outdoor Cat Enclosures. Want something like this - not that wraps the house but large with water and plants.

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