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Places you can camp for free within the United States in a tent or an RV. Some have a small fee but most are free to use. Great resource when camping.

Spray this on outdoor patio stuff & it helps keep flying insects away!! Great idea there's always flies hanging around my dogs

How to: Make a Swedish Flame | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: how-to, outdoor, fire ~ Swedish Flame DIY

Easy, make at home fire starters — Colter Co.


    Yes it does. Give it a try!

  • Mikayla

    does it work?


    I like the way you think, KC Farmer!

  • KC Farmer

    You can kick it up a notch and make it catch a spark quicker if you sprinkle a little black gunpowder on the cotton ball after you get it saturated with the vaseline.

  • J Cook

    This works brilliantly, weighs next to nothing & the cotton compresses a lot after soaked in Vaseline so I always keep a stash in my backpack when hiking.

19 Easy Breakfasts For Your Next Camping Trip (or in your own kitchen because some of those look GOOOOD)

For the outdoor adventurer, perhaps the most practical reuse for old wine corks are fire starters. Just soak your cork stoppers in a jar of alcohol before you head out on your next camping trip and you've got instant fire!

Who says camp games are just for kids? Get the whole family involved with these fun ideas!!

Dakota Fire Hole: Saves Wood, Burns HOT, Minimal Smoke & Efficient Cooking - Outdoor End

Fun camping or outdoor lounging idea. I want one!

campfire infographic via cost plus world market / incorporates useful information with product in digestible content. smarties!

26 Delicious Recipes for Camping and Dining Outdoors, from Little Family Adventure

34 Things You Can Cook On A Camping Trip I like the campfire nacho idea to munch on during our kings cup game!

Gut a fish? Here's a great trick to get the hook out with minimal damage and harm caused to the fish. Good luck, tight lines!

Plan a birthday themed adventure at home! Get Outdoors-Camping Themed Party Ideas Here!

Eyedropper bottles as travel toiletries bottles for lightweight backpacking

  • Buddha Fresh

    This is a good pining. Thanks.

  • Lacey Dalton

    Beware putting things besides eye med in an eye drop bottle. In an emergency (something in the eye) you do not always read those handy dandy labels you made.

  • Aliece Dice

    And how would you get the toothpaste in there?!?!

  • rose hoffland

    That's probobly great for some toiletries, but honestly how much weight are you gonna save by putting toothpaste in an eyedropper? (And so much work) A small toothpaste hardly weighs anything.

Women in the Outdoors: Your Outdoors Checklist Worth the read . . .

Blueberry Cobbler | So easy: Toss blueberries on the grill, then add biscuit dough and cover everything up. The biscuits will brown, the blueberries will warm, and all will be right in the world.

Solar powered camping -- heated, with gadgets.

Wood Burning Chart for camping. camping. ** follow all our camping, outdoor and DIY boards. **

Suspension tents... Rad! #camping #outdoors

Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away. Good to know for an outdoor fire pit!

How/Where to Find Naturally Shed Antlers | Outdoor Life. I would love to find some...

  • windseed

    Thanks Hampton :)

  • Hampton Young

    I have found many sheds in the field but it was very hard and took a long time so i came up with a great safe way to bring the sheds to me. Heres how get 4 6 foot steel poles drive them 2feet in the ground forming a larg rectangle then take chicken wire and run it across the top and secure it very tightly so tight you can lay on it. Then dump corn in the middle or scatter it under the wire and behold the sheds will begin to apear right were they were eating the corn. It worked for me hope i helped you. Good luck

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: 25 Camping Tips, Recipes and Activities {A Round-Up}

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Bear Safety Tips - always good to remember when spending time camping outdoors!

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Camping HOW TO!!!!!! Tie the 10 most useful knots! #Camping #Outdoors #Knots